Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Work Work Work, WorkWorkWork, Work work Work work work work

Incase you hadnt worked it out that title is written to the theme tune of 2 and a half men following the lolsworthy arrest of charlie sheen.

But i digress. I am now employed!!!! Labour party UK biatch. good money, good hours, good office = WIN

If you get a call from samuel at the labour party thats me! so be nice please.

also i watched requiem for a dream the other day. thats grim innit. cured my woes with garden state and all is good again.


Friday, May 21, 2010

and on top of the previous post i have just eaten about 45 trillion carbs. chinese takeaway, shit tv, cigarettes and blogging. my fridays are shit


ok i should say noew this post is not pc and is not gonna win me friends but its true.

There are two people in my class both with autism but FFS they get the whole world bending over backwards for them.

They get £80 a week for being disabled (why do they need more money when they dont have to pay travel costs ?)
They get a taxi to and from college paid for by the college!! now i would get this if they couldnt deal with busses but i have been on packed busses and rush hour metros with both of them and they have NO problems with it.

And you think, well they probably work hard? NOPE they disrupt the whole fucking class have people to do their work for them and kiss their rings. They activley stop me doiong work and wehn they finally do finish an essay from LAST SEMSTER they get proper money, praise, blow jobs and let out of doing recent work.

the fact of the matter is ...


it pisses me off soooo much.

Whats got me riled is neither of them were in today called in sick and then i was leaving college after working my arse off (through a hangover) and found them sat on a green in town drinking Jack Daniels.


Friday, May 14, 2010


I was sat on the bus home earlier and i suddenly realised i was staring at a rather concerned old lady, depsite apologising and telling her i was a million miles away in my most posh voice she still looked mighty scared.

And thats when i got thinking "A Million Miles Away" is a statement that seems to be an excuse for being deep in thought, however i wasn't thinking of anything in particular. So im sat here with peep show on the tv, some smoked salmon and my raspberry water (Mmm no carbs is tasty) and im wondering what is actually happening when we are "A million miles away"

I googled around and couldnt find anything, there was way too many songs with that name to find
any decipherable information, does anyone know what is happening in our minds when we are so deep in thought we ignore our senses, stop blinking, stare aimlessly for up to 10 minutes at a time?

Its a vacant stare which im willing to bet has a really complex process behind it.


in other news i am getting thinner, im fitting into my uber small belt with relative comfort which is totally full of win.

Oooo im watching kelis on jools holland, she is pretty fucking good even if she is wearing a rams horn as a casual shrug :)

actually scratch that (HA) her DJ is good for scratching the record so awesomely

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Actually I'm still not done

I just read back over my old posts and remembered SOOOO many things i used to write about, so heres a nice advert

Tagline: Life Long Commitment (or something similar)
Agency: Adam & Eve
this is an advert that had people in tears i read, not that much but it did and still does make me shiver a little bit. Very nice chaps.

Another thing, i once blogged i was a vista convert
AHAHHH no more im OS X baby. yup i finally said fuck windows and got my self a sexy MBP. it is literally arousing......

I also once wrote about how shit Google Chrome was, i havent tried it since and Safari is the boss so its all good

As for the post i did ages go about my broken ipod, that is now replaced with a 120gb sexy ass classic.

I also linked a podcast in that post the "Jon Richardson Show : Podcast" that has now sadly gone off air and it is missed every week by me indeed.

OOOO i used to tweet about art didn't i, christ. Well i suggest you go see Jenny Holzer at the baltic, it is truly magnificent, and also the film "exit through the gift shop" which is a GLORIOUSLY weird film which leaves you unsure as what happened and what was scripted. Both are VERY good

So there we go, the historical contents of my blog rounded up in one post, hope you enjoyed it. i will try and be better if you read it more KTHNX

Laters ladies and gents

Oh and another thing

Just thought of another thing and i aint gonna edit a post , christ im not jesus....