Friday, May 14, 2010


I was sat on the bus home earlier and i suddenly realised i was staring at a rather concerned old lady, depsite apologising and telling her i was a million miles away in my most posh voice she still looked mighty scared.

And thats when i got thinking "A Million Miles Away" is a statement that seems to be an excuse for being deep in thought, however i wasn't thinking of anything in particular. So im sat here with peep show on the tv, some smoked salmon and my raspberry water (Mmm no carbs is tasty) and im wondering what is actually happening when we are "A million miles away"

I googled around and couldnt find anything, there was way too many songs with that name to find
any decipherable information, does anyone know what is happening in our minds when we are so deep in thought we ignore our senses, stop blinking, stare aimlessly for up to 10 minutes at a time?

Its a vacant stare which im willing to bet has a really complex process behind it.


in other news i am getting thinner, im fitting into my uber small belt with relative comfort which is totally full of win.

Oooo im watching kelis on jools holland, she is pretty fucking good even if she is wearing a rams horn as a casual shrug :)

actually scratch that (HA) her DJ is good for scratching the record so awesomely

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