Thursday, May 13, 2010

Actually I'm still not done

I just read back over my old posts and remembered SOOOO many things i used to write about, so heres a nice advert

Tagline: Life Long Commitment (or something similar)
Agency: Adam & Eve
this is an advert that had people in tears i read, not that much but it did and still does make me shiver a little bit. Very nice chaps.

Another thing, i once blogged i was a vista convert
AHAHHH no more im OS X baby. yup i finally said fuck windows and got my self a sexy MBP. it is literally arousing......

I also once wrote about how shit Google Chrome was, i havent tried it since and Safari is the boss so its all good

As for the post i did ages go about my broken ipod, that is now replaced with a 120gb sexy ass classic.

I also linked a podcast in that post the "Jon Richardson Show : Podcast" that has now sadly gone off air and it is missed every week by me indeed.

OOOO i used to tweet about art didn't i, christ. Well i suggest you go see Jenny Holzer at the baltic, it is truly magnificent, and also the film "exit through the gift shop" which is a GLORIOUSLY weird film which leaves you unsure as what happened and what was scripted. Both are VERY good

So there we go, the historical contents of my blog rounded up in one post, hope you enjoyed it. i will try and be better if you read it more KTHNX

Laters ladies and gents

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